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Studio Mangosteen "the world of Vita-Lakamaya"Nov. 9th (Tue) – Nov. 27th (Sat)

This exhibition has finished. Thanks for your visit.

  • * On 26th Nov, gallery closed at 16:30 for the event rehearsal and reopen at 18:30.
  • – 11:00 – 19:00 (last day until 17:00)
  • – closed on Sun, Mon and Public holidays
  • – Reception Party from 20:15 on 26th Nov (Fri)
  • – for more information about the special event “Mangosteen Animation screening + concert”, see here.
Studio Mangosteen

Studio Mangosteen ( is an animation unit formed by Akihito Izuhara and Ikuko Mizokami.
“Vita-Lakamaya” is a name of imaginary world, which exists in their works.
In beautiful forests and lakes, there are mysterious characters, which looks as if the hybrid of human being and animals. Studio Mangosteen depicts these characters’ life in harmony with nature through mysterious folk songs and music in their animation.
For this exhibition, they display small video monitors for animations, figures and tapestries to show the perspective of the world of “Vita-Lakamaya”.

From the artist   “Long Story of Vita-Lakamaya”

The first work we presented with the name of STUDIO MANGOSTEEN was a digital picuture book named “PUTLE STORY” (Mainichi Communications Inc.)
“Vita-Lakamaya” first appeared as the stage of this story.
It’s a unknown world for human in deep forest. player experiences this world as an stranger called “PUTLE (human being)”. It first refused by the residents in the forest but later accepted by little and little.
After this, we released another digital picture book called “PANTOS STORY”. The leading character in this story was a flog. But we couldn’t end the world in “PUTLE STORY” in our mind yet.
And now “Vita-Lakamaya” has been starting a new journey with it’s background and residents.
In this exhibition, we show this story with not only animation but also it’s background. I hope you enjoy the experience of walk into the forest of “Vita-Lakamaya”.

Mangosteen Animation Screening + concert

Music : Takahiro KIDO×Yuki MURATA

Video screening of the Berlin International Film Festival officially invited film, “The song of Red Forest” with the mini concert by Takahiro Kido and Yuki Murata, who composes their next film. Improvised session of video and music is also planned.

  • Start : 19:00, Nov 26th (Fri) 2010
  • – reservation : JPY3,000 (with / 1drink)
  • – Reservation can be made through TEL, FAX, ore-mail.
    • *Please don’t forget to write(1)Name (2)Number (3)Contact
    • For the reservations via e-mail, it won’t be approved until you receive a e-mail from us. Please remind to keep both of your application main and our confirmation mail until the event day.
    • *Cancellation fee must be paid on the cancellation from the day before the event.
PART1 : Mangosteen Animation screening
  • 1. “Brilliant Tree” 30sec
  • 2. “Selnef” 5min10sec
  • 3. “Topy and little creature” 3min10sec
  • 4. “The Song of Red Forest” 5min34sec
  • 5. “Shape of prayer” opening part 1min approx.
The Song of Red ForestTopy and Little CreatureSelnef
  • The Song of Red Forest
  • Topy and Little Creature
  • Selnef
PART2 : Concert by Takahiro Kido + Yuki Murata
  • 1. Y
  • 2. Sad Bird
  • 3. Flower Song
  • 4. Milk Tea
  • 5. Let’s Go to Neverland
  • 6. Glitch
  • 7. Last Summer in Tokyo
Takahiro KidoYuki Murata
  • ↑Takahiro Kido
  • ↑Yuki Murata
SPECIAL SESSION : Studio Mangosteen + Takahiro Kido, Yuki Murata
Video improvisation 5min