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I had been involving in planning, editing and designing books/magazines for a long time. Later this job led me into event production of art/performance. Through all these activities, I’ve seen lots of situations that people meet and make good effect to each other. And finally their activities become much greater than it’s original form. It made me realize that we could know ourselves deeper through other people’s activities. It may even push you up to touch the essential of life. I think human is a creature to seek beautiful life naturally.

The Arts & Crafts Movement, which spread from Britain to Europe, the Viennese Workshops, which proposed “From a toilet paper to gravestone” and aimed beautiful design for public but not for royalty and nobility, and “Mingei”(the folk art) movement in Japan, which has simple beauty for daily use. All these movements seem to have tried to seek beauty in daily items which are necessary for our life. And I think these were the movements to find people the importance of returning into our original life-style, which is essentially beautiful.

The place where you can realize what is essential for human. I wish I could be a little help for you to have such experience in good atmosphere. And I hope people will make beautiful relationship and the time you spend here is also beautiful. To make this happen, I know that I can not ignore beautiful dietary life (not gourmet). The original idea of ART + CRAFT + FOOD came from this point.

We serve lunch menu cooked with safety and delicious, organic vegetables. Selected from foods of Lebanon, where is rich in fresh vegetables, our menus are very healthy, for example, tabbouleh (salad) which has nice smell of perslay, Lemon taste Chicken BBQ, Lamb kofta (BBQ), Hummus (dip of chick peas and sesames) and baba ghanoush (dip of egg plant paste and sesames).

Ms. Noriko Hayashi who kindly directed these lunch menus, is one of the earliest person who was conscious about ecological matters, and have been advocating sustainable society, in Japan. Also, her original theory about food culture, which takes beech forest belt culture (Jomon era culture) as Japanese’s roots, always makes us realize about richness and joy of eating habits based on nature and history.

Also, I thank Ms. Miho Ogawa very much, who kindly helped us to choose lunch menu. She has been a member of Nihon Chukinto Africa Fujin-Kai (Japanese women’s goodwill to MIDEAST AND AFRICA) and has been studying and teaching about delicious local foods around the world.

By all help of Ms. Hayashi and Ms. Ogawa, I’m so glad and proud of that I can serve these menus in Bakuro-Cho ART+EAT where people meet people, and arts.

Why don’t you come and visit us to feel the breathe of seasons in Japan?

Representive of Bakuro-Cho ART+EAT : TAKE, MARIKO

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